Monday, March 16, 2009

Triassic : Behind the scenes 1

An artist's rendering shows hatchling Nothosaurs heading for the safety of water as a hungry but terrestrial Ticinosuchus attacks near a lagoon in ancient Switzerland. Nothosaurs lived during the mid- and late Triassic period and were among the earliest reptiles to take to the sea. Because Nothosaurs may have had to come ashore to lay eggs, the eggs and hatchlings would have been vulnerable to Ticinosuchus. Yet once the hatchlings reached deeper waters, they were safe—for the moment. -National Geographic

Gambar lukisan yang mengambarkan Nothosaurs yang baru menetas melarikan diri ke dalam air apabila haiwan daratan Ticinosuchus datang menyerang di sebuah lagoon purba di Switzerland. Nothosaurs hidup semasa Zaman Triassik tengah ke lewat dan adalah antara reptilia terawal mula hidup di lautan. Nothosaurs yang bertelur dan menetas di pantai menjadikan ia sasaran mudah bagi Ticinosuchus.

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