Monday, November 23, 2009

Ammonoid Paraceratites trinodosus from Mela, K. Lipis

Paraceratites trinodosus from K. Lipis (after Gobbett & Hutchison)

Paraceratites trinodosus from Kg. Mela, district of K. Lipis, Pahang

This ammonoid is the most interesting find I had from Kg. Mela, district of K. Lipis, Pahang. It was found in black shale belong to Middle Triassic rocks of Semantan Formation. This ammonoid is identified as Paraceratites trinodosus, an index fossil and zonal marker for substage Pelsonian, Middle Anisian of Middle Triassic. Click here for detail.


  1. Wow! Malaysia has so many fossils? You have plenty of good finds there. How hard is it to find these, actually?

  2. Depend to the outcrops and how strong I can 'smell' the fossils.