Monday, October 5, 2009

Coquina beds of Lower Myophoria Sandstone from QZ480, Aring

Locality Qz480, Aring, Kelantan
Lower Myphorian Sandstone
Kaling Formation
Balatonites Zon, Pelsonian, Middle Anisian, Middle Triassic
(age determination is based on ammonoid assemblage with Balatonites sp. as a zonal marker)

Fauna composition:
Costatoria pahangensis
Costatoria malayensis
Neoschizodus elongatus
Neoschizodus ovatus
Anadontophora sp.
Frenguelliella sp.
Langsonella elongatus
Hornesia magnessima

Kellnerites samneuensis
Danubites kansa
Balatonites cf. balatonicus
Acrocordiceras sp.


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